Retro Jump Game

Retro Jump Game 2.0

Retro Jump Game is the mother of all arcade games in the world
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This antique commodore 64 game is one of the simulations of how did first ever arcade games for computers look like.
Retro Jump Game takes you back in year 1990, where these kinds of games ruled the world. Who would thought nowadays that people have had hours of fun playing a game where graphics is an understatement of a few dots on the PC screen? But still, this free kid’s game is stunningly attractive. It has action, it has a storyline, and it is an adventure and a free shooting game in one. You have to admit it; people back in 1990 had similar taste for gaming as we do today. They just had to be satisfied with the technology of the past.

Go ahead, dive into the Retro Jump Game, the mother of all arcade games in the world.

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